George Huguely’s Story

George Huguely’s Story


In the spring of 2010 George Huguely and Yeardley Love were seniors at the University of Virginia. They had been involved in an “on and off’ again relationship for two years that had grown increasingly tumultuous. On May 2 after a day of binge drinking, George went to Yeardley’s apartment to talk to her about their relationship. Yeardley also had spent the majority of the day drinking at Boylan Heights, celebrating a friends’ birthday. When George arrived at her apartment they had an emotional conversation which began on Yeardley’s bed. At some point, they both fell off the bed onto the floor. George left shortly afterwards. When he left, Yeardley appeared fine to George, and she was alive.

When the police arrived at his apartment the next morning, George was fully cooperative. He accompanied two Charlottesville detectives to the Charlottesville, Virginia police department. He calmly answered questions about his relationship with Yeardley and his actions over the past twenty-four hours including his visit to Yeardley’s bedroom. This conversation was video recorded by the Police. It was clear from watching the interrogation that George had no idea the Yeardley had been seriously injured much less had died. When the police finally told him that she was dead, George was shocked, cried, and refused to believe it.

Within a couple of hours of the start of this interrogation by the police, George was charged with first-degree murder (willful, deliberate, intentional, premeditated killing).

Shortly after his interrogation, an inaccurately worded affidavit was obtained by the media. The media incorrectly interpreted it as a confession by George that he had repeatedly hit Yeardley’s head into the wall.

Shortly thereafter, the Charlottesville Chief of Police Tim Longo answered questions for the media. His responses left the media with the impression that Yeardley’s bedroom was the “worst crime scene” he had seen during his 9 years as the Chief of the Charlottesville Police. In fact, Chief Longo was never present in Yeardley’s apartment as her death was being investigated.

The national media went crazy with these revelations and assumed that George had confessed to a brutal beating. It was a completely incorrect assumption.

In February of 2012, after a two- week trial, George was convicted of Second-degree murder and sentenced to twenty-three years in prison.

In April of 2012, Sharon and Lexie Love filed a $30,000,000 wrongful death civil suit against George.

In the civil lawsuit, attorneys for Yeardley’s family and for George have spent the last year and a half conducting discovery. They have obtained and reviewed countless documents concerning Yeardley’s death and the relationship of George and Yeardley. Further, they have conducted 16 formal, sworn interviews of witnesses in connection with the civil suit. On June 3, 2016, Sharon Love filed a brief in Maryland Federal Court stating she believes George had NO intention of harming Yeardley. (Love’s Oppo. to Plf. 2nd Motion for Sum. Judg).